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As a long time resident of Bicester, I personally think its time that the people that live here started to question some of the decisions made on our behalf by career Councillors with little regard to how their decisions affect US !

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Saturday, 7 November 2009



The district council introduced this scheme to 'lucky' residents in January 2008, supposedly to help residents that struggled to park because of commuters.

In fact Priory Road was the only area without line markings to stop commuters

I know some determined commuters, but none that would park all day on double yellow lines

So the local councils jumped straight in to collect a nice little earner.

If your property has increased in value due to being hit

by the council cash stick....congrats.

If you can get parking close to your property and

have enough spaces..... .congrats.

BUT some of the problems caused by this scheme have left

some householders worse off !.

It was never checked where people use to park,

so properties with access to off road parking

and houses with dropped kerbs also have permits.

Each vehicle is entitled to 100+ visitors permits

free of charge, visitors are not residents

why are they taking up householders spaces ?.

The council wont guarantee parking spaces

but in some areas they have issued permits to

none residents........what use is that to the people that actually live there ?.

These permits are available because of the property

address and yet they are valid in every zone, why ?.

This was supposed to help people that live in an area,

its not an exclusive club, where permit holders can

park all over the town while 'normal people' have to pay !

Camper vans are excluded from any height restrictions

so if you dont want yours blocking out the light/view stick it outside somebody elses house !


ps they can start issuing fines in April 2010


  1. I didnt realise they could park anywhere, why am I paying to park to shop ?
    Bicester Blonde

  2. We had a stranger from the next street, has a permit and parked outside our house for 8 weeks without moving........whats resident about that ?.