Bicester like many places has changed out of all recognition in recent years, but is it a better place ?

As a long time resident of Bicester, I personally think its time that the people that live here started to question some of the decisions made on our behalf by career Councillors with little regard to how their decisions affect US !

Please feel free to add sensible comments about how you feel about our town...........good or bad.

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Friday, 23 October 2009


This beautiful old building was given to the people of Bicester, it is now in a state of disrepair after years of neglect by succesive councils

There are those on the council who see this impressive old building demolishished claiming that it is too expensive to repair.

This is only a personal view but wouldnt the unexplained £30,000 council payoff have paid for a few new windows etc ?.

This massive amount of OUR money has been spent and despite the local newspaper asking why under the Freedom of Information act.........still remains unexplained.

Any comments ?


  1. Not wishing to be rude but the use of an apostrophe in Idiot's really does make you look like an idiot! Otherwise, I agree with your comment about the Garth - you could call it criminal neglect and previous town councllors are also to blame for their lack of responsibility for the fabric of the building.

  2. Think I might be responsible for that.... ????